Written in the sand by the sea


Sheigra story, NW Sutherland, Scotland, 2010



Soap Rock story, Nr Lizard, Cornwall, 2013




St Olaf story, Lundwick Bay, Unst, Shetland, 2014


South Boisdale story, South Uist, Scotland, 2009



Polin story, NW Sutherland, Scotland, 2010



Unstad story, Lofoten islands, Norway, 2011



Tregurian story, Watergate Bay, Cornwall, 2011



St Ninian story, The Mainland, Shetland, 2014





South Boisdale Museum: Fragments - 2011; baked beach clay and plant matter and fired beach clay on wood.




These stories are told to beachcombers by the sea using lines of seaweed. Each story (or ‘story’ if you are a sceptic) is printed on tablets made of beach clay which I collected, processed and fired (with the kind help of Olda Asenbryl of Sarn Pottery).  Each story is documented by photographs of the location, and photomontages decomposing the seaweed lines into visual characters. Three of the stories so far are also expressed in paintings composed of the seaweed characters.