Grobust, Westray, Orkney


Grobust is a beach where you can go swimming with seals, if you don’t mind the rain and bare fisted waves.

The links above the beach hide neolithic remains; the west side grass bank bulges with remains of a broch.

The shore below the broch has engines wedged in the rocks. The once shiny metal is now rusty red with smoothed edges and merges with the rocks of steel green, grey and yellow.





Grobust 2002


300 x 150 cm, Local sand and earths; varnish, wood glue and acrylics’.

This work started by making a print of the grobust shore with the aid of the wind and rain.

The canvas was then stretched and developed in the studio. It has been hanging outside in my Manchester garden and 'ageing' for over ten years now but I work on it occasionally.




Grobust 2004

Two panels 111 by 210 cm each, mixed media (sand, earths, acrylics, wood glue) .

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Grobust 2005

Two panels 143 by 135 cm each, mixed media (sand, earths, acrylics, wood glue).

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Grobust 2012

3 canvases - acrylics, wood glue, sand and peat.


10th June




11th June 2012



12th June 2012



Rogue artists studio, project space, 25/06/2012





Rogue artists studio, winter & spring 2013